Using a stain on concrete floors can give a unique marbled look with a depth of color that can’t be found elsewhere. Staining has become one of the most popular ways to take an old or new slab of concrete and create an elegant floor that will be a centerpiece for your house or business. As opposed to a solid, opaque design like paint or epoxy, stains transform your concrete by infusing the concrete with color that will vary depending on the surface and the application techniques used.

There are three main types of stains that we use:

  • Acid Stains
  • Dye Stains
  • and Water-based Stains.

Most acid stains are a mixture of water, hydrochloric acid and acid-soluble metallic salts. These stains work by reacting chemically with the hydrated lime in the concrete. The acid in the stain allows the concrete to be lightly etched, which allows the stain to permeate the concrete much easier. Once the stain is applied, it becomes a permanent part of the concrete and will not chip off, fade away, or peel off.

Dye stains are slightly different because they do not react with the concrete chemically. Instead, they are made up of very fine particles that penetrate the concrete surface to create a mottled, natural appearance. Dye stains offer a larger color selection than acid stains do, which opens up the door to many more vibrant options to show your own personal style!

Water-based stains are made up of colorant mixed with water, and offer a unique semi-transparent look to your stain, as opposed to the transparent or translucent acid stains and dye stains. Water-based stains also have a large variety of colors to offer, including pastel colors, which opens the door to any color you can imagine.

Each stain has a slightly different look and each has its own specifications for when to use, so once we have the details of your project, we can recommend the best product to use on your new floor. Most sealers are compatible with all forms of acid stains, dye stains, and water-based stains, so no matter what finish and durability needs you have, we have you covered! If you would like to see more examples of the color selections for acid stains, dye stains, and water-based stains, please feel free to give us a call or send us an email and we will be happy to show you how you can transform your boring old floor into the floor of your dreams!

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